Southern Films Shaking Hindi Films

By - April 23, 2016 - 03:17 PM IST

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You don’t have to think much when you are asked about the big player of Indian cinema. Yes, it is indeed Bollywood. The way the world perceives the cinema of this nation is through Bollywood and there are many nations who don’t even know that regional industries like Tollywood or Kollywood exist.

But the situation on the national front is changing slowly with the south cinema showing its material and abilities. Earlier, Bollywood flicks used to rule the roost in overseas market such as USA, UK, Australia and other territories but now the south movies have begun shaking the Hindi films.

Reports are coming in as to how movies from Tamil and Telugu have begun overtaking Hindi movies in terms of collections and screen quantities. Well, if the content and quality of the films are further improved then very soon southern films might become the face of Indian cinema for the world audience.

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