Manam Director's Mega Film

By - April 27, 2016 - 04:20 PM IST

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As a director, you would get your real identity not through your personality or speech but by the type of movies you make and how they perform at the box office. In fact, many filmmakers are always remembered for their movies than anything else. One such filmmaker is Vikram Kumar.

Tollywood audience would always remember him for the movie Manam which brought the three generations of the Akkineni family in one frame. Now, it is heard that Vikram Kumar has decided to come up with a mega movie. Interestingly, this is slated to be an edge of the seat horror thriller.

Apparently, Vikram came up with the movie 13B featuring the chocolate hunk Madhavan and the irresistibly sexy Neetu Chandra. Now, there are reports that Vikram has already prepared the scripts for their sequels known as 13C and 13D. So, this is going to be a horror trilogy for the audience.