Junior Baahubali Rocks At Box Office

By - May 03, 2016 - 03:24 PM IST

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The term Baahubali has become more like a metaphor to denote anything or anyone who is strong and doing some great stuff. In cine terminology also, films that are doing extremely well are being referred as Baahubali. Currently, one Hollywood movie is being called as Junior Baahubali.

We are talking about the movie Jungle Book and the reason for that is, the film has surpassed all the previous records set by Hollywood movie releases in India and rewrote new records. The film has already touched a whopping 164 crores and this is a tough task even for a top league star hero here.

The best part is, though it has been a while since the film has released, the collections and theatre occupancy is still strong and nobody is keen to let it go. The icing on the cake is, Jungle Book came during the summer season and it has shown that right content and believability will always be patronized by Indian audience.