'Saas Gari Deve..' Inspiration In Brahmotsavam Song?

By - May 09, 2016 - 07:55 AM IST

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Inspiration, that is one word which makes your world a lot of difference. There are many instances and individuals who give us that inspiration to do something different and better. In the film industry, inspiration has a different meaning. This has to do more with reproducing something from an original.

This usually applies to storylines, some scenes and most importantly the song tunes. The much talked about movie Brahmotsavam had its audio launch in a grand way and some music buffs who heard the songs are discussing about one particular number. It is ‘Naidorintikada…’ which has many artists in it.

Those who saw the song teaser and heard the number say the inspiration for this seems to be like the Raipuri song ‘Saas gari deve…’ from the Bollywood movie Delhi 6. The similarities are being seen more in terms of picturization.

'Naidorintikada' Song from Brahmotsavam

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