Lawrence's Amma Temple Opening

By - May 09, 2016 - 09:08 AM IST

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The choreographer turned actor and director Raghava Lawrence is well known for his good heart off the showbiz arena. He has exhibited lot of magnanimity by donating for charity and also working for betterment of society. Now, Lawrence showed even more great side of himself by constructing a temple for his dear mother on the eve of Mother’s day!

This must be the first time ever an actor constructed a temple in the name of his mother. He is constructing a special temple just opposite Sri Raghavendra Temple. His mother’s statue was exclusively manufactured in Rajasthan and was inaugurated yesterday on mother’s day.

Lawrence expressed his delight in doing the little he can for his mother. He also said that a mother’s love cannot be replaced and she is the greatest person in anyone’s life. Kudos to Lawrence’s magnitude of love towards his mom!