Mahesh Babu's Real Estate Ad in Discussion

By - May 10, 2016 - 11:51 AM IST

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The power of advertising and endorsements were realized in delay by our Tollywood heroes. After the perfect endorsement choices of Bollywood heroes such as Amitabh Bachcan and SRK,  even Telugu heroes are actively signing up endorsements now.

After the first big step made by Megastar Chiranjeevi to endorse the popular soft drink Thumbs Up, the complete importance of advertising was released by our stars. In the younger generation of heroes, it is Mahesh Babu who could make the best use of the advertising industry and capture the market. He has got the maximum number of ads in his hands than any other Tollywood hero.

Mahesh Babu has recently endorsed a local real estate company named Ramakrishna Venusia. The advertisement is made on a high budget and Mahesh looked like a picture perfect model for it! This Vijayawada based firm is delighted to have a big star like Mahesh in their camp and are sure that it would fetch them great!