Big Hero's Name For Wasp

By - May 10, 2016 - 11:27 AM IST

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The moment you see a wasp you either try to kill it out of fear or run away from that place because when wasps sting, it could get real painful. However, truth is wasps are very important for this eco system because they are very valuable for agriculture and their ability of biological control.

While all this is fine, here is an interesting update. Recently, a new species of wasp was found in South Africa and India and the research scientist who found it has named it after her favorite Hollywood star. Her name is Dr Buntika A Butcher and the name she has given is of Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt.

Apparently, Butcher spent many nights and long hours researching on this species and above her table was the poster of her favorite hero Brad. So, you can imagine how much she attributes her findings to her favorite star. Well, it remains to be seen whether Brad will revert to this rare tribute or stay silent.