Interesting Observations On Suriya's '24'

By - May 12, 2016 - 03:24 PM IST

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They say that when drama begins, reason and logic should be kept aside. The majority of movies that come in Indian cine circuit follow that principle. However, there are always those viewers who wish to see the logic as they strongly believe this would improve the standard and substance of cinema.

In Tollywood, Mahesh Kathi is one person who calls himself a popular film activist. After watching the movie 24 he came up with his set of observations. Here is a look at his observations.
Things that are not very right with 24.

1. Time machine is a mechanical device. But in this film, it is made in a chemical lab.

2. The watch in the film is actually not made by the intelligence of the scientist. But, it starts functioning accidentally by mixing feather of an eagle.

3. What exactly is the reason for Atreya's cruelty and ambition to acquire the time machine and for what evil purpose exactly?

4. Fundamental rule of most time travel films is, birth and death cannot be stopped. They can only be altered. But this film defies those rules. Maybe an exception.

5. If Atreya comes back as Atreya from present to past, how can Mani become an infant in time travel?

6. A watchmaker who has no idea of time and space travel adds mechanical number settings of a suitcase to the time traveling watch and over rides the 24 hour concept to achieve time travel beyond 24 hours. Is it that simple!!

Thankfully, most questions don't occur while watching the film. That must be the achievement of the director.

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