Fact To Remember: Most Popular Song Copied From Malayalam

By - May 13, 2016 - 08:40 AM IST

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The moment you hear a nice song and it becomes a chartbuster, you shower praises on the music director, singers and also the lyricists. But there are also instances wherein some songs are actually copied from numbers which came decades ago and nobody would not even notice that.

However, here is one number which got exposed. The noted movie Dasavatharam had the number ‘Raayini maatram kante…’ and it got a very good response. But truth is, the tune is an exact copy from a Malayalam song. The film is Sainyam and the number goes ‘Baggy Jeans…’.

The film came in 1994 and the initial tune from this has been lifted from the hit English song ‘All that she wants’ crooned by the group ‘Ace Of Base’. But after that first note, the rest of the background music became the basis for the song in Dasavatharam. Unusual but true!