Pawan Kalyan's Over Exposure Marred Image?

By - May 13, 2016 - 07:38 AM IST

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Till recently the only name that was being heard all over was Sardaar Gabbar Singh and the reason for that was power star Pawan Kalyan. Not stopping at that, Pawan went out of his way to promote this film since the story was his and the result is known to all.

Now, some post mortem has happened and many feel his overexposure has proved to be the culprit. For Sardaar Gabbar Singh he went to almost every TV channel and gave interviews. Fact is, when you are not accessible only popularity and the curiosity is there.

This formula works very well for the heroes who are in the top three positions. They should not get overexposed or else the hype goes beyond expectations and by the time the film comes, it becomes impossible to reach them. Perhaps Pawan can make note of this and be careful next time.