Why Star Comedian Neglecting TV?

By - May 13, 2016 - 02:50 PM IST

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In case some of you are interested in the business of the entertainment industry you would have noticed that in the last decade, the small screen industry has begun dominating the silver screen circuit. Though the financials are high in cine circuit, the brand value and power is stronger in TV industry.

This is the reason why even some of the biggest stars are now attending TV programs and promoting their movies. Secondly, those actors and actresses who are unable to find opportunities in cinemas are now preferring TV serials and other programs which is giving them stable income.

Given that, one talk has now begun emerging on one star comedian in Tollywood. He is none other than Venu Madhav. Those who are close to him reveal movie offers are not there for him and they are wondering when TV shows are rocking why he is not showing interest. They feel that Venu will shine immensely if he can try. What say Venu Madhav?

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