Tollywood Folks Into Real Business

By - May 13, 2016 - 02:45 PM IST

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Though there are many businesses in the world, there is nothing like showbiz because you have no clue how much money is going in and coming out. This is one reason why successful actors and members of film fraternity always have that surplus funds and they keep diverting it here and there.

Usually, the smart ones end up pumping their revenue into the real estate segment. Many buy properties and lands and increase their assets in a big way. Right now, there is news that many Tollywood biggies have put their attention towards the real estate market once again.

Till a while ago, the bifurcation effect had shaken the market but now things have stabilized and it is heard that a good swing is starting. Hence, the cine folks are getting in touch with their political friends and taking tips as to where are the best places to invest. This is a profitable game indeed.

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