Mahesh Babu Defines Himself

By - May 16, 2016 - 08:36 AM IST

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Perhaps the biggest flaw in most of us would be the lack of ability to define ourselves. When we are not having a clarity of what we are made of and how we should go forward, success doesn’t come to us. But to those who know what to expect and what to deliver, life is always smooth.

Perhaps the way superstar Mahesh Babu defines himself should give a clear insight. Recently, he was asked for his reaction about being called as the perfectionist in an interview. In his usual style, Mahesh flashed an endearing smile and stated it is not so and requested not to call him that.

However, he reportedly maintained that when a scene is narrated to him at the shooting spot, he tries to interpret so that he can deliver it as the way the director wants. And if he is not satisfied, he doesn’t hesitate to take umpteen retakes. He reportedly reiterated that he focuses on betterment and not perfection.

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