Mahesh Babu Punch to Anchor Pradeep

By - May 16, 2016 - 06:57 PM IST

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Mahesh Babu is quite a cool and soft-spoken person but not many know his witty sarcastic side which is rarely revealed in interviews. This story is about one such situation.
Going into the details, Mahesh graced the talk show of anchor Pradeep Machiraju as a part of Brahmotsavam’s promotions. This is perhaps for the first time Mahesh took part in a talk show. Usually Pradeep is known for his wit and sarcasm but interestingly Mahesh outsmarted him. At one point, he pulled Pradeep’s leg saying “Nu cinemalu cheyyakamma…niku shows ey better (apparently translating to ‘discontinue films, TV shows suit you better’)”.
Well this might have taken the entire sets by surprise but on a positive side, these are spontaneous stuff that increase curiosity and make the show enjoyable. Hope Pradeep fans are not offended now!

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