Chalam's Influences On Telugu Cinema

By - May 19, 2016 - 01:05 PM IST

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Being a feminist and an egalitarian in the modern generation isn’t a big deal because the environment and situations favor such thoughts. Moreover, the exposure which people have now to intellect and modern thinking would trigger such opinions. But one gentleman who hails from Telugu literature background had all these thoughts in the most restricted environment of the 1940-50s era. He is none other than Gudipati Venkata Chalam who revolutionized Telugu literature with his powerful writings and strong opinions.

On the eve of his birth anniversary today, it is indeed brilliant to remember this legendary person’s works and his influence on art films of Tollywood. Chalam has faced lot of criticism in early days for his most popular and controversial book Maidanam & other writings which had radical ideas of relationships, love, sex, independence of women, caste and other social taboos. National award winning movies like Grahanam (based on Chalam's short story Doshagunam), 1940 lo Oka Gramam and even Ramaraju’s Mallela Teeram lo Sirimalle Poovu are influenced by Chalam’s writings and ideologies.

It wouldn’t be surprising to know that even Puri Jagannadh quoted Chalam’s works in Pawan Kalyan’s Cameraman Gangatho Ram Babu referring to free thinking India! Once you start reading his writings, believe us, you'll remain seriously bitten and smitten by his ideology.

iQlikmovies salutes the greatest soul who always wished to see humans being humane and triggered logical thought and rationalist ideology with his contribution to Telugu literature and society.