'Unforgettable Musical Breeze'- Oka Manasu Audio Review

By - May 19, 2016 - 12:27 PM IST

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Oka Manasu is an upcoming romantic film starring Niharika Konidela and Naga Shaurya in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Sunil Kashyap and the film is directed by Ramaraju of Mallela Teeram lo Sirimalle Poovu fame. Here is an iQlik exclusive audio review of the album:
The breezy album begins with O Manasa sung by the talented singer Yazin Nazir. Topped with mild Hip-Hop beats, the songs is like a trance journey where the carnatic fusion touches occur like a lovely breeze. Rama Jogayya Sastry’s conversational styled lyrics is another highlight of the composition. The song sets the perfect mood for a relaxing journey to the rest of the songs!

Hrudayama is a wonderful duet which has the flavours of Maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s  songs from the 80s. Based on the eternal Carnatic raga Amruthavarshini, the song is like a cakewalk for supremely talented singers like Vijay Yesudas and Shwetha Mohan.  The lyrics by Rama Jogayya Sastry score brilliantly once again! A straightforward winner for the brilliant bliss it offers!
The album gets just better with a riveting composition.

Ninna Lenantha sung by Hemachandra and Ramya Behara. The nuances and grandeur of the raga Madhyamavati and Desh are brilliantly portrayed with a slight tinge of sensitivity in this composition.  A special mention should be made for the mellowed sequencing and soft usage of strings which gave it a lovely impact.

The pace gets slower and more relaxed with Chirugaali Aagipove having a jazzy rendition by Sameera Bharadwaj and supported perfectly by Hemachandra. The ideal road song for this season is out here! The usage of magical guitars, strings and clarinet does the job perfectly. The bass guitar touches once again remind the listener of Ilaiyaraaja’s compositions from the 80s!

The female version of O Manasa now arrives from the stupendous voice of Shreya Ghoshal. She literally brings a new style and aura to the composition with her mellifluous voice.  It is interesting to see her sing in lower octaves so effortlessly!

On the contrary, the album gets some pace with Emito Ee Kshanam with folk beats and neat strings. Though this composition offers an impediment to the mood of the album, it is effectively presented with melodious flavours.

The album progresses to a serious note with Nee Manasuna sung by the passionate Vijay Prakash. The eerie usage of chord progressions and syncopated rhythm section does the job almost perfectly. It has been a while a modern composer used a tough raga like Dharmavathy in western scales! The composition establishes the melancholy in musical and lyrics penned by Rama Jogayya Sastry.

The lovely Amruthavarshini flute instrumental track makes its presence felt once again and it keeps the listener wanting for more.  The expressive flute speaks of more emotions than any singer could have imagined!

O Manasa (Instrumental) marks the finale for this fantastic album. The composer chooses an electronic pickup violin for the leading track and supported ably by grand piano as well. The violin is imaginative, compelling and also pulls the heartstrings in the optimistic fervor!


Oka Manasu is a mesmerizing album from Sunil Kashyap. The album is high on melodies and classy presentation. Definitely one of the best albums this year!

Rating: 3.5/5

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