Wrong Speculations Behind Hero's Father Death

By - May 19, 2016 - 08:11 AM IST

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The latest sad news that came from the Tollywood circuit is the unfortunate death of Vardhan, father of the young hero Tanish. Reports reveal how he fell from the sixth floor of his apartment building and was in serious condition when brought to the Apollo Hospitals.

While Tanish and family are yet to recover from the shock, one speculation began to make rounds that it was not an accidental death but a suicide. Another speculation was added that Vardhan was going through some financial issues and hence he took this extreme decision.

Before this talk can spread further and all start believing, here is the truth. Our sources have done a thorough enquiry and it is confirmed that this is not a suicide but a freak accident which should not have happened. Iqlik conveys its deepest condolences to Tanish and his family members.

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