Reason Behind Rao Ramesh's Statutory Warning

By - May 21, 2016 - 08:53 AM IST

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Whenever you go to watch a movie in the theatre, you come across the disclaimer at the beginning which speaks about smoking and drinking being injurious to health. Usually, a noted voice is used and for Brahmotsavam, the super talented Rao Ramesh’s voice was heard saying it.

Apparently, many expected Mahesh Babu or director Sreekanth Addala would say it but Rao Ramesh did it and this led to some tongue-in-cheek statements. In the overall movie, Rao Ramesh has about very few dialogues though his screen space is there for a long time.

So, the audience after coming out of the theaters was heard whispering that maybe because he didn’t get many dialogues to speak, it was compensated with this statutory warning. While that is one side, Rao Ramesh delivered a killer of a performance once again and stole the limelight.

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