Brahmotsavam Effect on 5 People

By - May 24, 2016 - 07:17 PM IST

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Brahmotsavam movie has certainly let down its fans and buyers. Well success and failure are all part of the game. But more than anyone, five key personalities have been affected by the film and its result.
The first person to be affected is producer PVP. This proud producer has been on a roll with back to back hits like Kshanam and Oopiri. But Brahmotsavam gave him the taste of a ‘disaster’ and the brand image he has been trying to develop for his banner from a while took a toll with this film.
And the second one in the list is director Sreekanth Addala - the man behind the film. He has made just three films before but nothing backfired like Brahmotsavam did. Keeping aside the expectations, the film is being lampooned for its poor content and narration which should be a serious matter of concern for the filmmaker. Though Mahesh is ready to work with him again, producers are likely to step back now.
Actress Pranitha should be the most happiest and optimistic heroine when she was offered this film. But now she is the most unfortunate one as she goes largely unnoticed in the film. She was ignored during the film promotions as well. So she gained nothing but another flop to her filmography.    
Music director Mickey J Meyer also joins the list as the negative remark he has been facing is only proved with Brahmotsavam. He has given some memorable albums in the past but failed to live up to the snuff with his commercial albums especially for big heroes. Even in case of Brahmotsavam, though the songs weren’t bad they lacked the quintessential magic.
Last but not the least Mahesh Babu was also affected with Brahmotsavam. He is one of the producers but Mahesh has been smart enough to play safe. His craze and demand might still remain the same but the regards people had for his judgment of scripts is nicked for sure.
Well these five people had to bear the side effects of Brahmotsavam. But as they say Success is not permanent and failure isn’t final. The same combo might gift a super hit next time – who knows! 

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