USA Premiers May Be Cancelled From Now

By - May 26, 2016 - 03:56 PM IST

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While calculating the business potential of a film you also need to take into consideration the overseas market because that has also become a key contributor. The NRIs also have the advantage of watching the movie on Thursdays in the form of premiere shows.

However, this premiere shows especially in USA are proving to be the spoilsport and reports are now arriving that they may be cancelled from now on. Apparently, by the time the first show is screened in India, already the talk is coming out and if the movie gets a negative talk, it is showing drastic impact here.

This is more so for the big movies and the latest victim for that is Brahmotsavam. Despite the fan following for superstar Mahesh Babu there, the film was not spared and due to the negative reports on social media, the film suffered irreparable losses here on the opening day. Hence, the chances are high that premieres may no longer be held in USA.