Celeb Couples In Short Films

By - May 26, 2016 - 04:03 PM IST

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If you are one of those chaps who is keen to make a career in the cinema industry then your best bet to showcase your talent is the online platform. Lately, the concept of Short Films is working very well and the new wave of talent being seen in Tollywood hail from the short film background.

The impact of short films has become so strong that even celebrities are taking part in them. Currently, we are talking about two celebrity couples who did short films. They are singer Geeta Madhuri and her hubby, the actor Nandu. They paired up for the short film Adithi.

Similarly, the noted singer Sravana Bhargavi paired up with her singer husband Hemachandra for the short film Lucky Love. Both these short films have become a big hit. These short films have been launched through iQlik Movies and they are getting an overwhelming response. Kudos to the celeb couples.