'Dhruva' Cameraman Walk Out. Why?

By - May 27, 2016 - 10:22 AM IST

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Whenever a big project is planned, the pressure surmounts throughout its progress. The pressure would be double fold if the film is a remake of an already successful flick.

Megapower Star Ram Charan’s upcoming project Dhruva is facing this exact scenario now. This film happens to be the anticipated remake of Tamil hit Thani Oruvan. The cameraman Asim Mishra is said to have dropped out of the project because of delays and shooting getting cancelled by Ram Charan twice already for reasons unknown. Already, the makers of Dhruva struggled to rope in the handsome actor Aravind Swami for the negative role by offering a huge remuneration.

However, the main reason for Asim walking out of the project is for this confusion and delays. He might replaced in all probability by PS Vinod who worked for stylish flicks like Panja, Manam and Oopiri.

Let us hope Dhruva doesn’t get more hiccups leading to the release date getting pushed further!

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