Can It Be 'Oopiri' Sequel?

By - May 27, 2016 - 10:39 AM IST

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The impact and impression the movie Oopiri created need not be explained here. Due credit for that goes to the stylish filmmaker Vamsi Paidipally for infusing emotions in a right balance and showing the film in a rich manner. While the film has earned its accolades, here is something.

A new Hollywood movie is about to release and some of the avid cine buffs in filmnagar who watched it are saying it can be made as a sequel to Oopiri. While some feel the remake rights should be taken right away some smart individuals are saying even a freemake is also okay.

The film is Me Before You and it has Emilia Clarke along with Sam Claflin in the lead. One look at the trailer would reveal how similar it is to Oopiri and even this is based on a bestselling novel. Well, only time will reveal whether Oopiri sequel will happen or not.