Vishal's Rayudu Movie Review and Ratings

By - May 27, 2016 - 02:08 PM IST

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Cast: Vishal, Sri Divya
Banner: Hari Venkateshwara Pictures
Music: D. Imman
Cinematography: Velraj
Editor: Praveen KL
Producer:G. Hari
Writer-Director: Muttaiah

Cliched Action and Sentiment!


The film is based on Anatapur backdrop which is headed by an influential man named Bhairavudu. His loyal assistant is Rolex Bachi and the latter earns good name with this influence. Bachi eyes to grab an MLA seat but the only hindrance for his aim is a legal case which is under his name. He knows that if this case is closed, his MLA seat is guaranteed. Rayudu (Vishal) on the other hand is a coolie in market. He is very fond of his grandmother and never opposes her word. Because of her grandmother’s advice, he chases Bhagyalakshmi (Sri Divya), proposes and gets married to her. Rolex Bachi brutally murders Bhagyalaksmi’s mother and it is none other than the case which is a big hindrance for his political career. Will Rayudu take a confrontation with Rolex Bachi for the sake of his wife’s revenge? Will Bachi manage to become an MLA? Who would win in this fight?- forms the rest of the plot.


Vishal: The only thing Vishal did unique in this film is carrying the heavy gunny bags and do justice to his role of a coolie. He does his routine job of thrashing goons and warning the villain.

Sri Divya: She looks cute and does her part perfectly. She is the only watchable face in the entire film!

Others: Rolex Bachi does a good job in scaring the audience with his antics. The actress who played Rayudu’s grandmother did a good job. Suri manages to generate some laughter.


Vishal’s movies are well known for action sequences and high voltage action drama. He has been following the same trend since ages. Though he plans to do something different, he gets back to this age old trend which fetched him popularity. He seems to have decided that such stories are his forte and confining to them. Rayudu is no exception from this formula but the director added ample doses of sentiment to this otherwise action flick.

Rayudu’s story deals with a powerful antagonist and a hero who is a common man. In the initial scenes, the director tried to establish the gruesome nature of villain and his power. At the same time he showcased the power and antics of hero Rayudu. As a result, the fact that the story would deal with fight between these two characters is easily understood. The love story of Rayudu is quite paled down and goes on  in a dull fashion. The songs act like sudden brakes with noisy flavor and the grandmother’s hyper acting spoils the sentimental flavor. The interval bang had good scope to elevate the film but it also progresses in an avoidable manner. The second half deals with noisy challenges between the hero and villain but nothing interesting happens in between them. The scenes where Rayudu’s grandmother is warned and hiding her to blackmail Raayudu were executed well. Though the movie progresses towards an impressive climax, the director pales it down with a routine ending.

The entire movie has Tamil faces and except Sri Divya, none of them are familiar to Telugu audience. As a result, the film exudes Tamil flavor and gives a feeling of a pure Tamil film. The entire film goes in a serious tone and lack of entertainment makes it a boring watch.

- Few gripping action scenes
- Natural Taking

-Routine Action
-Excessive Tamil flavour
-Draggy sequences


Imman’s songs sound quite non-native and doesn’t strike a chord with Telugu audience. However, the re-recording elevates the scenes greatly and quite well.


Cinematography is neat and suits the film’s mood. There is little scope for Art direction because most of the film is shot in real locations. The film is too natural to have a cinematic feel. The director Muttaiah should be appreciated for taking a routine story and executing with raw flavor.


Rayudu is yet another routine flick from Vishal which is high on action and cliched sentiment!