Posani Complaint on Mystery Man

By - May 28, 2016 - 09:58 AM IST

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Naresh is a name that all of us recognize and we have two of them in Tollywood. One is the senior character artist and the other is Allari Naresh. But what we are about to share has nothing to do with both. This Naresh is currently turning out to be a mysterious nightmare for one Tollywood artist.

He is none other than Posani Krishnamurali. Apparently, Posani has filed a police complaint at SR Nagar police station alleging ‘Naresh’ is abusing him over the phone and is sending very lewd messages. It is also heard that Naresh has been demanding some money from Posani.

While Posani’s side of the story is revealed, the cops are now trying to trace this Naresh and get his version. At this moment, even the cops have no clue as to who this guy is and what his motive is. In the bargain, Posani hit the headlines and he is brandishing his fire filled statements without hesitation.

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