Shocking Mystery Behind Actor's Death

By - May 30, 2016 - 07:35 AM IST

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The very fact that a noted actor or actress has died tends to create a rollercoaster of emotions in your heart. Given that, you can imagine the shock and surprise when you get to know that a big celebrity had an unnatural death. Many years ago, the death of Bruce Lee experienced the same reactions.

Now, one shocking mystery is emerging behind the death of a noted actor. He is none other than Kalabhavan Mani of Gemini fame who passed away on March 6. According to latest reports revealed by the prestigious Center for Forensic Science Laboratories (CFSL), some foul play is being smelled.

The report has revealed that Mani’s body contained traces of Methyl Alcohol which is nothing but poison. However, it is yet to be known as to how much quantity was there and whether it was responsible for the actor’s death. The coming days will give a clear picture but till then the mystery will remain.