Dil Raju's Condition for Gunasekhar

By - June 05, 2016 - 02:00 PM IST

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Dil Raju – the man with Midas touch has given a word to director Gunasekhar after the success of Rudramadevi movie. He promised to produce Prataparudrudru script (sequel to Rudramadevi) and Gunasekhar has been seriously working on it from a while.

However inside reports reveal that “conditions apply” for Dil Raju’s promise. While Gunasekhar wished to convince big heroes on Dil Raju’s promise, the ace producer apparently asked Gunasekhar to first convince a big hero and then he’ll produce. Though Dil Raju’s clause is valid from investment and returns standpoint, no big hero is currently free for a magnum opus like Prataparudrudu.

So does this mean Gunasekhar can’t aboard this project any time soon or Dil Raju is smartly keeping him away? Time will decide!