Producer's Legal Action on Young Heroine

By - June 07, 2016 - 12:04 PM IST

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The most delicate relationship in film arena is that of the lead actors and the producers. Even if either of them turn out to be little unprofessional, the relationship strains badly and even leads to legal actions. A similar situation is happening in Kollywood where the producers of Engeda Irudhinga Ivvalapu are planning to drag the female lead Ishara to court.

Ishara was roped in to act for this film as per all the norms and the actress attended only two days of the shoot. Right from then, she has been avoiding the film’s unit and troubling the director-producer duo. Frustrated to the core, the duo is now making arrangements to take legal action on the actress.

The actress was paid an advance of Rs 75,000 and they requested her call sheets of 20 days. When called, she has been replying that she is out of country. The duo approached Kerala Nadigar Sangham for help but nothing happened. It is indeed sad that certain female leads behave so unprofessionally leading to trouble of the producer and director.

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