Dil Raju May Be Underestimating

By - June 08, 2016 - 09:00 AM IST

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You have to be really gifted and specially skilled to estimate the potential of a movie at the box office. Filmmaking is just a guessing game and nobody can really say what the outcome will be in the theatres. But Tollywood has one man whose predictions have turned out to be quite accurate.

He is none other than producer/distributor Dil Raju. They say that he is the man with the golden hand because he knows the pulse of the audience and also gauges the film’s stamina at the box office. But this time, some feel that he may have underestimated the collections of one film.

It is A…Aa. According to Dil Raju, after the full business run, the film is expected to touch Rs 60 crores but many feel it will be more. At the moment, the film is getting very good response in overseas market and since there is no big release around, the final figure could be more. Let us see who will be right.

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