Biggest Challenge For Top Lyricist

By - June 08, 2016 - 12:27 PM IST

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If given an opportunity you might be able to write a story or pen few punch dialogues but if you are asked to write a song which depicts the feel of a situation or delivers emotion within the meter it is not that easy. This is the reason why many lyricists are respected and regarded in cine circuit.

But one top lyricist of India is now facing a baffling challenge. He is none other than Lafzon Ka Baadshah Javed Akhtar. He is writing single card songs for the Bollywood magnum opus Mohenjo Daro. The backdrop and timeline of this movie is the Indus valley civilization.

We don’t know what their language was but since it is based in Sindh region, the lyrics should be written in such a way that Sindh flavor comes. This is not going to be easy for Javed Saab. He worked for the movie Lagaan and it has got pure folk Hindi. With the same director’s combo he did Jodhaa Akbar whose lyrics were full Urdu. Hence, many poets are curious to see how big a challenge it will be for Javed Saab and how he has penned the lyrics.

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