Madhuri Dixit And Rekha In Chiranjeevi's 150th?

By - June 09, 2016 - 09:51 AM IST

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After a marathon sabbatical, the much talked about 150th movie of megastar Chiranjeevi is finally starting and this would happen with a fight sequence. While that is alright, the question marks still remain over who is going to be the leading lady and who are the rest of the support cast.

In this regard, the names of everlasting beauty Madhuri Dixit and the eternal diva Rekha came up. Apparently, many years ago, in one filmfare function Rekha said she never got chance to act with Chiru and she is just a call away for his project. Similarly, Chiru in one interview said he missed working with Madhuri.

So, the makers are working on any chance wherein they can be brought into this movie even for a friendly appearance. This is certainly not for the heroine’s position but even an important role will also be good. If either of the ladies come in, the project would get a special hype and craze.

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