Right Right Movie Review and Ratings

By - June 10, 2016 - 05:38 PM IST

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Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Pooja Jhaveri, Prabhakar
Banner: Sri Sathya Entertainments
Music: JB
Cinematography: Sekhar V Joseph
Producer: J Vamsi Krishna
Director: Manu

Tagline: Goes Wrong Somewhere!


Ravi( Sumanth Ashwin) is a young guy who dreams of becoming a Police officer. But as fate could decide, he becomes a conductor instead! He works in Gaviti along with the bus driver Seshu (Prabhakar). During a dramatic situation, Ravi happens to ride the bus. Because he doesn’t have the necessary experience, the bus meets with an accident. Ravi gets down the bus and notices a guy who is wounded in blood and fighting for life. He gets the injured to a town hospital but when he goes the next day to see the latter he cannot find the same. After two days, the same injured person is spotted as a dead body in a valley. Who is the young man? How was he killed? How would Ravi and Seshu come out of this trap?-forms the rest of the plot.


Sumanth Ashwin: This is a new challenge for Sumanth who was predominantly seen in lover boy roles. It is the first time he is seen in a thriller. However, he needs to improve a lot on histrionics part to suit this genre.

Prabhakar: After the super success of Baahubali, Prabhakar disappoints in this film. He could blend in the role of Seshu and one could even feel any other actor would have done justice to the role. He even struggled to give the right expressions in some sequences.

Pooja Jhaveri: She isn’t that glamorous in looks and moreover, her role is quite limited in the film. Despite that, she did a decent job.

Vinod Krishnan:  He did a brilliant job as the antagonist. He gets the maximum marks in this film in terms of performances.


This film is a remake of Malayalam hit Ordinary. Though the filmmakers promised that some new changes were made to suit the Telugu audience, such changes are not reflected in the film. The director preferred to stay true to the original. The director took lot of time to get into the actual story and unless the interval bang arrives, the interest doesn’t spark. Second half take off points are quite good. The director succeeded in making the film gripping in the 20 minutes of second half. Just when the viewer starts gaining interest, it gets narrowed down. As the film is based on murder mystery genre, the gripping factor is quite important. The director unfortunately failed to maintain this suspense till the climax. At one point of time, one can easily guess the murderer. When suspense is cleared, such films lose the wow factor.  Unfortunately, the director’s intention of being truthful to the original led to some Malayalam flavor to this Telugu flick. Most of the characters are left incomplete. This shows the inexperienced nature of the director.


- New Genre
- Good Cinematography
- Good Dialogues


- No Wow factor
- Slow narrative
- No improvement over the original


JB’s music and songs are quite melodious. The songs have good literary value as well. The background score suits the film’s mood quite well.

Technical Aspects:

Sekhar V Joseph’s cinematography is quite impressive and succeeded in showing Araku valley at its best. Darling Swami’s dialogues are quite good as well. However, the director Manu failed in showing newfound creativity for this remake based film.


Right Right might have gone right in some sequences but most of it has gone wrong!