Raj Tharun Cannot Be Questioned

By - June 11, 2016 - 08:25 AM IST

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The general procedure that is followed by you once you score a success or two is, you will raise your remuneration. However, that does not mean whatever you quote you will get. There are many external factors that determine the hike. But that is not the perception coming on young hero Raj Tharun.
There are few groups commenting that after scoring few hits, Raj Tharun hiked his meter to 1 crore per movie and this is scaring many producers away. Fact of the matter is, the market price is decided by market and a hero cannot really decide how much he is worth.

It is because he has that potential the directors and producers are coming and he doesn’t really have the power to call the shots. So, if he is looking at 1 crore as remuneration, it is his talent and box office track record that justifies the figure and not because he says so. Hope this would silence the critics of Raj Tharun.