'Bichagadu': Rs 40 Lakh Investment To Rs 8 Cr Collection

By - June 11, 2016 - 08:42 AM IST

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If there is one field apart from gambling wherein you can become rich or poor overnight it is cinema field. You never know which film will change your fortune. This applies to everyone but more so for the producers because they are the ones who put the money and resources.

The case of Bichagadu has become a hot topic in Tollywood. This is a dubbed version of the Tamil movie Pichchaikaaran featuring music director Vijay Antony as the hero. First it went to one producer in Tollywood with an offer of Rs 25 lakhs. That producer declined it saying even that investment will not be recovered.

Then the makers approached one young producer. Since he is entering this field for the first time, they told him some story and sold it for Rs 40 lakhs. While the first producer and the sellers were making merry, the film collected 8 crores making the young producer have the last laugh. The producer who didn’t take it for Rs 25 lakhs must be cursing his bad luck.