Shruti Haasan's New Act

By - June 14, 2016 - 02:07 PM IST

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You see those heroes who tend to experiment with their image and try to come up with different types of roles but that privilege is usually not there for the heroines. Of course, Bollywood has few starlets who come up with female centric scripts but in south that is just not easy.

However, few smart girls try to make the best of what they have. One such person is the seductive beauty Shruti Haasan and news is that she is going to come up with a new act. This is going to be for her new movie Sabash Naidu which has her father, the Universal Star Kamal Haasan, as the hero.

According to reports, Shruti is going to come up with a song wherein she is going to be seen dancing in a different format. The steps are choreographed by the world famous Step Up series choreographer Jamal Sims. This song is touted as the major highlight for the movie. Best of luck Shruti!

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