Nani's AB In Full Swing

By - June 14, 2016 - 12:57 PM IST

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There comes a stage in your career as a hero when the people decide whether to watch your movie or not and it doesn’t require any publicity. This is because of the kind of movies you have done in the past and the effort you are putting to entertain those who are coming to the theatres spending money.

In this regard, Natural Star Nani has come a long way and has cemented his position very well. Today, he has reached such a stage that his name has become a crowd pulling factor. This is being seen with the rate at which the advance booking is happening for his new movie.

Nani’s next happens to be Gentleman and this is hitting the screens on June 17th and already the momentum has picked up for the advance booking. Directed by Indraganti Mohana Krishna, the film also has the sweet looking Surabhi along with the naturally seductive Niveda Thomas as the leading ladies.

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