Vennela Kishore Turns Next To Brahmanandam

By - June 18, 2016 - 06:54 PM IST

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No matter how good a story you see onscreen, you would not be satisfied if there is no pinch of comedy in it. Tollywood movies have always focused on the comedy aspect and hence there is an abundant list of comedians in the industry. However, one man is the king of comedy in Telugu cinema.

He is Hasya Chakravarthy Brahmanandam. While he is ruling the roost, the time has come for all to look for an apt successor and now they seem to have found one. He is none other than Vennela Kishore. His mere presence on the screen is bringing a lot of response from the audience.

Many say Vennela Kishore is actually underrated but he is a perfect blend of comedy, timing and expressions. In the last few years, after Brahmi, Vennela Kishore has become the most sought after especially for big ticket movies. The latest we hear is Kishore’s role was a highlight in the latest release Gentleman.