'Acting is in my Blood'- Niharika Konidela Interview

By - June 19, 2016 - 01:40 PM IST

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There were many talented heroes who came up from the self made Mega family headed by Chiranjeevi. Each of these actors made their unique presence felt with mass appeal and electrifying dance moves. But Niharika Konidela is the first lady who dared to make her filmy debut from this family. Her quirky presence in the online web series Muddapappu Aavakaya fetched her good name and led her to make the big leap into full time acting. She is all set to make a classy debut with Oka Manasu directed by Ramaraju of Mallela Teeramlo Sirimalle Poovu fame. On the eve of the film releasing, here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the young actress:
Hello Niharika.. congratulations on the film debut!
Hi.. Thank you!

Please tell us about your debut flick Oka Manasu..
This is a film which is breezy, feel good and deals with sensitive emotions. The film would  be relished by all sections of audience.

It is not an easy job to become a female lead from an already established celeb family. How did you manage to convince your family about this decision?
I had good support from my family regarding this. Though they were concerned initially about whether I can manage such big responsibility, they eventually understood my passion towards films.  My brother came all the way from US and Dubai trip just to clear me off the last minute nervousness before the release of Oka Manasu! He was particularly asking me whether I am balanced now. To be frank, I am still too nervous!

Did you learn acting exclusively?
Well no! I never asked anyone about teaching me acting. I grew up watching my family movies and I must admit acting is in our blood (Smiles).

How was it working with Madhura Sridhar for this film?
He is the most sensible and brilliant producer I’ve ever known. I am so glad to work with him for my debut film.?

What about your co-star Naga Shaurya? Was it fun working with him?
I initially thought he was somewhat short tempered but after working with him for this film, I understood he is very sensible and sweet person!

Your comment on dating rumors with Naga Shaurya?
I haven’t even heard such thing happened. I can confidently say nothing of that sort is there between us.

Who is your inspiration and role model in the film industry?
I find Kamal Hassan sir to be the most inspiring personality in films. He is always on lookout for new subjects and try to experiment on films. Coming to role models it is undoubtedly Chiranjeevi and my Dad! They are completely self made individuals and believed in hard work.

Ramaraju has earned the name of classy director in Telugu films. Your working experience with him?
He is so clear about what he wants from the actors and technicians. I was amazed by this quality in him and he became my most favorite director to work with!

What are your future ambitions now that you are into full time acting?
I would want to act in Tamil and Malayalam film industry as well because they give more importance to performance of female leads. In Tollywood, it is mostly confined to glamour alone.

Okay.. thank you and wish you the best for your first film release!
Thanks a lot!

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