Director VN Adithya Fires on a Reporter!

By - June 21, 2016 - 11:32 AM IST

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The cold war between celebrities and media is a routine. While the media claims to be honest and writing “facts” about professional and personal lives, at times it goes overboard. This naturally angers and pains the celebrities as it would tarnish their respective image and lives. A similar situation happened with director VN Aditya who delivered super hits like Manasantha Nuvve and Nenunnanu earlier.

A recent article in a popular Newsdaily (written by a journalist named Suresh Kavirayani) about Adithya allegedly “desserting” his family has rubbed the director on the wrong side. The report also carried a controversial speculation about the director's alleged link up with a top Teugu playback singer.

Fumed up VN Adithya openly fired upon the reporter on his Facebook handle –

“?#‎sureshkavirayani? if you know something.. you have every right to write.. i respected you as friend of my journalist brother satish kumar.... you got every damn access with me when ever you needed my help.. this is your bloody true colur.. stop sabotaging others life idiot.. you are no more a jounalist from today.. come let's have a skype call interview and fight in public.. my family is full of senior jounalists.. what the f...hell you know about me and my family.. dont ever dare to rub me on my wrong side.. i need not prove anybody who never helpled me at any point of my life.. mind your pen.. or get ready to face mediatic consequences to your idiotic writeups.. coverlo dabbulu theesukuni cinema ni promote chese neekem thelusthundi creator viluva.. vadi jeevitham gurinchi..”

The indignant director who is currently in Seattle (US) is also trying to reach out to the reporter and have an open debate to prove the truth but in vain. However, huge support is pouring down for Adithya from his friends, followers and well-wishers.


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