Sania Mirza's Non-Veg Act

By - June 21, 2016 - 11:18 AM IST

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You attain celebrity status based on your achievements in your field and as a result you become an example and role model to the society. As part of your lifestyle, you might advocate few things as well but then you need to maintain some consistency in what you do else you will be deemed as superficial.

There are a sizeable number of actors and actresses who come up with great posts and statements on social media displaying a positive image but are quite the opposite in real life. Meanwhile, the tennis sensation of India Sania Mirza has done something which has become a topic of discussion.

Apparently, Sania has become the brand ambassador for the Vencobb Chicken and she is busy recommending everyone to eat this. Those who saw this are immediately reminding her of the time she posed for PETA demanding animal torture must not happen. Wonder what she has to say about this non-veg act now.