Bapu-Ramana Coming Again

By - June 22, 2016 - 11:30 AM IST

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You can never go back to the time that passes, similarly you can never get back the people you lose in your life. This is one reason why you need to value your relationships and those who care about you. As cine buffs, many have formed a strong bond with the legendary duo of Bapu-Ramana.

They were inseparable and came up with immortal movies. Today they are no more but the good news is their works are still alive. Now, one such work is coming and the man to make that happen is Mullapudi Vara, son of Mullapudi Ramana and son-in-law of Bapu.

He is a director and is now coming with the movie Kundanapu Bomma. Apparently, this is slated to be a love story which was being planned by Bapu-Ramana but they had to stop it for certain reasons. Now, Vara has revived it and is bringing it to us. It would be nice to watch Bapu-Ramana creation once again.