Bichchagadu Effect on Venkatesh?

By - June 21, 2016 - 11:59 AM IST

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At times, one needs a strong success streak to make people realize the prowess and talent. Especially, star heroes take time in believing a director’s talent and they look for such thumping success to realize it.

A similar scenario happened with Victory Venkatesh when he realized the amazing story telling capability of actor- director Vijay Anthony who scored a remarkable hit in Telugu named Bichchagadu. Apparently, an enthusiastic Vijay Anthony narrated a story to Venky earlier but the hero had his own misgivings about the output and couldn’t give a confident nod. But after watching Bichagadu, the actor is mightily impressed and looking forward to work with the young filmmaker.

However, Vijay Anthony is on a different league now with busy schedule but the film with Venky has resurfaced now!