Balakrishna Saves a Child in Shooting

By - June 21, 2016 - 11:36 AM IST

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Nandamuri Hero Balakrishna is an established hero, actor who is well known for his aggression and dashing attitude both on and off the screen. In a career span of over three decades now, he has done many heroic stunts and feats in his films but the actor has proved that he is a real life hero too! The actor puts himself in trouble first in order to save a kid and this interesting incident took place during the shoot of his upcoming film Gautamiputra Satakarni.

Going into the details, the historic film’s first schedule happened in Morocco where few key war sequences were shot. There was a scene where Balakrishna had to rescue a kid riding a horse. But while riding the horse, the kid accidentally slipped off Balayya’s hand during the take. Guess what, Balayya held the kid strong and saved him from getting hurt but in the process got bruised on his back as the horse dragged him for a while. Well kid’s mother immediately rushed to the spot and thanked Balakrishna for saving her son. While the crew then took ample care of Balayya and the kid as well.

This commendable heroic deed of NBK has seen the light of the day very lately but reading this Nandamuri fans would proudly shout “Jai Balayya”!

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