Rape Survivor Sunitha's Sensational Comments on Salman Khan

By - June 23, 2016 - 10:35 AM IST

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The demeaning comments of Bollywood’s fitness hunk Salman Khan on rape victims has become a big controversy in the social media now. The actor said that his work in sets was comparable to that of a raped woman which sounded downright insensitive to rape survivors. While Salman has already faced a hit and run case issue earlier, this has become a bigger headache for him with the Social Media’s wrath.

Things became even more alarming when Salman refused to apologize and try justifying his statements. In this context, a rape survivor named Sunitha wrote an open letter to the star and reminded him that for his stature, he should be more responsible.

Sunitha even wrote in the letter that she doesn’t even want to address him by the name because of the insensitive comments the actor made. She said that with growing fame, responsibility and values should also be balanced. Sunitha also quoted that it is horrible to see the actor compare the work in shooting to something as horrific as a rape.

This guarantees that Salman is in very deep trouble indeed- that too before the release of his next flick Sultan!