Director Shouts At media For Hero

By - June 25, 2016 - 11:39 AM IST

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If you are part of the media or the film fraternity then you would know for sure that both these professions share a love-hate kind of relationship. However, it must be said that the film fraternity tends to get victimized now and then and they have to take it in their stride.

The power of the fourth estate has become such. But that doesn’t mean that every member of film fraternity takes things lying low. Here is one such filmmaker who has given it back. He is the showman of Indian cinema Subhash Ghai. Recently, a controversy related to mighty heart Salman Khan came up.

This has to do with his statement of feeling like a ‘raped woman’ after the grueling shooting schedules. The media took this as the cue and created a major ruckus. When asked about it by a journo, Subhash Ghai gave a piece of his mind to the journo along with an earful of wisdom on how things should not be exaggerated just for sensation and TRP. Hope the concerned realize that.