Why Sri Lanka Suddenly?

By - June 27, 2016 - 03:48 PM IST

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Most of us have the habit of not paying much attention to the sightseeing and tourist attractions in our city but have a lot of excitement visiting other cities and countries. In a way, Tollywood also does that sometimes. They will go as far as Iceland and what not to shoot their songs and schedules.

But now, one big ticket filmmaker has decided to visit the neighbourhood. He is none other than the talented director Koratala Siva. Well, he has decided to can the songs of his new movie Janatha Garage at Sri Lanka. This has become a major topic and all are asking why Sri Lanka suddenly.

As such, not many movies from Tollywood have their shooting there but Janatha Garage is going and that too for songs. Truth is, Sri Lanka has got some really unexplored natural locations which are mesmerizing. If Koratala has chosen it then it must certainly be something special.