Crazy Speculation: Rajini-Jackie Chan Film

By - June 27, 2016 - 07:15 PM IST

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Rajnikanth is one unique Superstar who has got worldwide fan following especially in the Eastern belt such as Singapore and Malaysia. His style and antics are universally admired by all- irrespective of language. In the same way, Jackie Chan has the greatest popularity for his stunts and martial arts style.

Citing this common point, a Malaysian producer Mohammad Rafizi is planning to produce a film with these two stars together! Rafizi is planning to produce this film on highest production values and the film is tentatively titled as Cheeni Saga.

Apparently, the Bollywood beauty Sonam Kapoor was already approached for the role of female lead in this flick- as told by Rafizi himself. The film would be based on a dragon which exists in Cheeni lake- Malaysia and heavily based on visual effects. The official confirmation on this film is yet to happen and if it does- it would be a brilliant visual feast!

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