Chiranjeevi's Time Machine In Two States

By - June 29, 2016 - 04:07 PM IST

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A time machine has been the most preferred for the science fiction writers and many stories have come based on that. But the link between megastar Chiranjeevi is something else. His comeback to the movie industry is causing quite a stir across both the Telugu states and his fans abroad.

Apparently, it is nearly ten years since he has done a movie and now he is coming back. As a result, his fans who are middle aged are feeling young and they are going back nearly 10 years.  They are getting reminded of the times when they were eagerly waiting for a Chiru movie.

The excitement and enthusiasm has now returned with Chiru coming back and that too in the form of a hero. That way, he has created a time machine effect in two states for his fans because they are all feeling ten years younger. And if the film delivers as anticipated, this time machine impact will be long.

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