Intelligent Young Filmmakers

By - July 02, 2016 - 10:38 AM IST

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You might have a wonderful script with you and with the right budget projections but if you don’t have a producer, all this is waste. This is something many aspiring filmmakers face and slowly the trend is changing. The young generation filmmakers have taken a smart route.
Instead of knocking door to door they are approaching the likes of producer Dil Raju, director cum producer Maruthi and star writer Kona Venkat. Once they get hold of these people, they are impressing them with their subjects and getting into an alliance with them.
As part of that, the film will be released in their brand and they will pay royalty to the concerned.  Many are taking this route and so far it has been working out just fine. Let us wish more of such brands come up in Tollywood so that the route for aspiring directors becomes easy.

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