Keeravani- Musical Address for Telugu Song!

By - July 04, 2016 - 01:25 PM IST

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This is the age of fast beats. People are of the opinion that music is just a combination of sounds. The imagination goes further that if more words are swallowed in a song, or if a song has more non-telugu words,  it can be a good song. To make it worse, such song is called trendy! Listeners are in such a sad situation that they do not know whether it is a Telugu Song, English Song or at least a Song for what its offering!

“Telugu Song should have only Telugu words”- is the rule MM Keervani has defined for himself.  He doesn’t follow the path of composing songs just for the sake of dance. A song has to travel along with the story of a film. He chooses only such stories and composes such songs. That is why Keeravani’s music is like a pleasant evening breeze. It lulls the listener like a song sung by a mother. It encourages the listener like a friend who gives support and advice. For decades, his journey has been going on like this and will go on for years to come.

New age directors are fully aware that in order to get music from Keeravani, they need to go with the full script instead of situations alone. For directors who don’t have a grip on the story, Keeravani is a wrong choice.  But if the rapport is met with Keeravani,  it is very difficult to get over his association.  This is perhaps the reason why Keeravani has become permanent music director for all K.Ragahvendra Rao films. With a thorough understanding of the story, Keeravani tries his level best to make the music travel along with it. Keeravani’s music usually is termed as melodious by people. But he is capable of giving massy numbers as well.  But this fast beat is not deprived of pleasantness and sweetness. Songs like Bheemavaram Bulloda (Gharana Alludu) and Nuvvu Whistle Vesthe (Simhadri) are examples of his capacity in giving fast beat numbers.

Nobody knows how Keeravani’s journey with K Raghavendra Rao tremendously clicked- But their combination is like a celebration for Music lovers.  There are ample number of romantic songs or beautiful duets from this brilliant combination. Annamayya, Sri Ramadasu and Shirdi Sai- This comprises of a different journey.  These songs take the listener into a devotional sea. Raalipoye Poova Neeku Ragalendhuke (Maatrudevobhava) is one heart wrenching song from the countless songs from Keeravani.  Jr NTR is very fond of this particular song and whenever he is in dull mood, he hears this song. He knows the song by heart and it was why Keeravani dedicated this song to him. Keeravani promised Jr NTR that he will sing this song exclusively for the latter’s listening pleasure. There are many such fans for Keeravani!

“A Music director should be like a provider of buffet meals. Whichever taste or cuisine a director asks for, the music director should be ready to serve with them. I have every style of song with me. The directors would choose what they want from the repository!” is what Keeravani says usually.He created magical waves with the Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali: The Beginning and also working on the second installment in full vigor. The film’s songs are quite appreciated and admired by all the fans for its right blend between melody and contemporary sounds. This shows that the legendary composer is reinventing himself with every film even now!

iQlikMovies wish MM Keeravani a very happy birthday and sincerely hope that he should continue to win the hearts of listeners with his wonderful music which has the beauty of Telugu language. 

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